Shidler is located in the extreme northwest area of Osage county. Off the beaten track, this small community of 500 is becoming known to many.

Shidler was originally established by Eugene Shidler in December 1921 due to oil development in the Burbank Field, which proved to be one of the largest oil finds in the United States.

Shidler hit it's heyday in the late 20's and 30's with well-known figures such as Cosden, Phillips, Marland, Sinclair and even Clark Gable working as a roustabout in the fields.
The town was incorporated in 1922 and at one time, 10,000 were reported to live in Shidler in tents, huts and makeshift houses. Life was fast, rough, and tough with survival of only the fittest.

Today, Shidler is a peaceful, relaxing place to live with a friendly small town atmosphere. You won't find malls, museums, and amusment parks here. What you will find is an area of friendly people who still care and share.

With the current trend of "getting back to basics" and with good hunting , fishing, golf and other outdoor activities, the Shidler area really fits the bill.